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Company presents expansion plans to provide technology and field services to the energy industry

HOUSTON (May 18, 2004) – EMS Pipeline Services, a business unit of Energy Maintenance Services Group l, LLC (EMS), was recently invited to present its business expansion plans to the 2004 Texas Investment Forum (TIF) in Austin, Texas. Houston-based EMS is a leading provider of pipeline operations, maintenance and measurement services and technologies to all segments of the energy industry. EMS owns the rights to the industry’s leading gas measurement software – PGAS – that is used by more than 25 major energy companies.

The Texas Investment Forum (TIF) is a conference where investors evaluate opportunities with approximately six to eight high-growth Texas companies. Presenters have the opportunity to meet and discuss their companies’ expansion plans with the most reputable investment firms in Texas and the U.S. Many participating companies have been funded through contacts established at TIF and many others have developed contacts that have contributed in some way to their success. Leading up to the conference, EMS was selected by TIF’s Statewide Nominating Committee to be a nominated presenter, and then selected by the Final Selection Committee to be one of the final presenters at the event on April 29, 2004.

"TIF is a wonderful opportunity for dynamic, entrepreneurial companies to network with institutional investment groups from across the nation,” said Cliff McFarland, Senior Managing Director of McFarland Grossman & Company and a Co-Founder and Sponsor of the TIF. “Being selected is a prestigious honor, establishing EMS as one of Texas’ leading high growth companies.”

EMS’s presentation focused on the business plans of both EMS Pipeline Services and Energy Maintenance Services Group, the holding company. EMS's plans include future acquisitions in support of the pipeline services market, expansion to provide operations and maintenance services for other energy industry segments, including power and water, and international growth.

"EMS’s growth strategy looks for opportunities to combine technology with specialized field services to provide unique value to the market,” said Tim Nesler, CEO of EMS. “This strategy has already established EMS as a leader in the gas measurement area, where our software (PGAS and TechTools), and engineering and field services, provide unparalleled measurement accuracy to reduce the gas losses for our customers.”

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